Vegas Gang #94 – August 15th, 2013

This time on the show:

– Resort Fees
– Wynn Results & Wynn Palace
– MGM Results
– Caesars Exits Macau
– Pinnacle + Ameristar
– Hyperloop
– Small Conventions

and more. Leave comments here on the site!

** Reminders **

VIMFP 2013 @ The D Las Vegas

VegasLists appRoll The Bones : Casino Edition

Viva Vegas on Flipboard

** Sure Bets **

Chuck – Habit Burger
Dr. Dave – Roos’n’more
Hunter – Hyperloop

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4 thoughts on “Vegas Gang #94 – August 15th, 2013

  1. Golly, the Hyperloop sounds wonderful. Soon as I mow the yard with my electric hover mower, I plan to go across the lake to the Hyperloop station on the other side. Can’t decide if I’ll take the jet pack or amphibicar across the lake, or just drive around in my Wankle engine pickup truck.

  2. A recent article in Huff Post stated that it will never be built because it doesn’t use enough government money (your taxes/income) to enrich enough people. A phenomenon that the article describes as greed. Why spend only $1 billion when there’s the possibility of spending $30-$100 billion. As Deep Throat said, “Follow the money.”

  3. If Boyd built it I would not hesitate to ride it. Because I know it will be reliable, dependable and solid. And move much slower, so’s not to excite their older customer base.

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