Vegas Gang #100 – October 19th, 2013 – VIMFP 2013

We’re live at VIMFP2013 with special guest Zach Conine of Downtown Grand with a special guest appearance from Derek Stevens of The D and Golden Gate!

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15 thoughts on “Vegas Gang #100 – October 19th, 2013 – VIMFP 2013

  1. I’m about 15 minutes in, great episode so far. Just curious — what happened to Seth Schorr? Zach seemed like a great guest, and certainly very knowledgeable about 5th Street Gaming and the Downtown Grand. But I just wonder why the last-minute switch? (Apologies if this is explained later in the show and I just haven’t heard it yet.)

  2. I would have been interested to know who inherited the players club list from the old Lady Luck. Would have been a built in mailing list. I’ve got an old players club card but no contact from Downtown Grand so far.

  3. Erjic – Seth cancelled on us two days prior to the event due to an unforeseen business trip to Miami. He sent Zach to pinch hit. It wasn’t discussed on the show and only announced via @vegasgang Twitter account the day before the event. He has agreed to be a guest on one of the next few Vegas Gang episodes.

  4. Chjuck, thanks for the clarification! I missed the announcement on @vegasgang, and look forward to hearing from Seth on a future show!

  5. 1) Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend #VIMFP, but I felt part of it by way of Vegas Gang #100. I was hoping to hear Seth Schorr, but I was really wowed by Zach Conine. He knew all the facts and gave great information about Downtown Grand and downtown itself. I liked his comment, “Downtown is our amenity.” As he said (I’m paraphrasing), downtown is not a sub set of the Strip. Downtown is coming into its own. This thought was reinforced by Derek Stevens when he talked about how fast downtown is evolving, and he wants to wait a year or even two to make decisions on the courthouse property. Great, great show.

    2) As I followed the daily progress of (and drinking at) #VIMFP, I kept having the same thought. Could anyone imagine the rapport you all had with your hosts at The D happening at any other property? I couldn’t visualize Jim Murren, Sheldon Adselson or Steve Wynn actually partying with you all and tweeting in real time like Derek and Nicole did. It emphasized to me how important personal involvement is in this business. From my outside perspective, Derek and Nicole Stevens went above and beyond in hosting #VIMFP. That is exactly why The D has become the real resort catalyst for downtown. Plus, it helps that they are Detroiters 🙂

  6. Great episode, Hunter, Chuck, and Dr. Dave. Just wondering if you’ll be doing another show fairly quickly given all the news on CET this past week. Just wanted more in-depth analysis of the Gansevoort debacle, shooting, and massive debt. Also, will you ever get someone like Jeff Simpson (with a reporting background) to your mix again? Of course, Jeff is irreplaceable. But I do miss the kind of business analysis and longtime familiarity with the town’s inner workings that Simpson brought to the virtual table.

  7. Great interview…I thought that Zach did a pretty solid job of answering your insightful questions. Obviously, some of his answers were a bit cookie-cutter (“delivering value”), but he came off as an intelligent, interesting, and nice guy. He seemed like a good replacement for Seth.

  8. detroit – We missed you! You are right, Derek and Nicole weren’t just hosts in VIMFP – they were eager participants. Derek attended VPP at the Flamingo as a fan, roughly around the time he was making his entrance into the casino industry.

    elgin – not a day goes by when we don’t think about Jeff. the huge gaping hole left by his passing is still tender, nearly two years later. his knowledge, depth of experience and fearlessness are impossible to replace. perhaps if the right person organically came along we would consider it. not ruled out.

    DoubleD – I agree with you. Zach had a command of the narrative of Downtown Grand and is a very witty and effective communicator. Folks seemed to uniformly like his presentation skills although I felt he was a little schmoozy. Who knows, perhaps that is his schtick – sardonic faux politispeak.

    When we do interviews, I get the biggest rush with guests whose authenticity is unimpeachable… REAL people telling their real stories. Go back and listen to the episode with Anthony Marnell…. truly the gold standard.

  9. I hope it goes without saying that I love the show, and especially loved this episode. I thought Conine did a great job in an almost impossible situation. Being a last minute, unknown, young corporate lackey filling in for the Son Of The Legend/Young Man On The Rise – Seth Schorr cannot be a success. The best we could hope for is someone who gives clean, solid info on the new property fittin’ to open and be witty enough to keep up when the Gang of hosts get on a roll. He did both well and left the impression that he has potential to Be Somebody in the casino industry.

    Regarding Jeff Simpson: I miss his contributions and voice, and I complained loudly after his untimely death about the void in the show. But, I have noticed the last couple months that I like the show in it’s current format. I think you guys have found your collective voice and flow within the existing framework. I no longer think during a show “What about this? What about that? If Simpson were alive he wouldn’t let X slide.” Instead, I think “This is a great show done by smart guys. I like it.” You are doing a fine job and I thank you for all your efforts.

    I hope to see everyone next year. Lord willing.

  10. Sorry, I forgot to ask this last question. Would you consider allowing audience questions, if they are pre submitted and approved?

  11. Jeff,

    We’re all for questions in general and are happy to answer them. As for doing audience QA during a live show, I’d say maybe. Depends on what else, if anything, we’d have to cut to get it in.


  12. We definitely thank Zach for coming. I’ve spoken to Seth since the show and he reiterated his willingness to come on. We’ve also got another cool interview we’re cooking up. Some good stuff through the end of the year I think.

  13. Stayed downtown for the first time ever just before VIMFP, at Golden Gate 10/11-10/14. I was very skeptical and I am now 100% sold. Split the majority of my time/gambling between Golden Gate & The D, and had a fantastic time at both. I will definitely stay downtown in the future and even if I am staying on the strip (on a comp or during the summer for pool scene), I’ll do the majority of my gambling at The D.

    Downtown is the real deal.

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