Vegas Gang #117 – December 29th, 2014

This time on the show:

– Caesars Bankruptcy
– Nazarian Licensing
– Light Group Sold
– Perini + MGM
– Atlantic City Update
– 2014 Year in Review
– 2015 Preview

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** Sure Bets **

Chuckmonster – “What Stays in Vegas”
Dr. Dave – Kahn Academy
Hunter – Bond 50

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5 thoughts on “Vegas Gang #117 – December 29th, 2014

  1. Its been a great 2014 for las Vegas a lot has happen this year with SLS The LING upcoming Park and the cosmopolitan changes but for me 2015 should be a year when changes dose happen in Las Vegas and I always enjoy our show

  2. What a great episode to end 2014. I long ago gave up trying to understand what was going on with Caesars shell game, but you three helped me understand it a little better. @chuckmonster has really done his homework on Caesars.

    I agree 2015 will be a transition year for Vegas, but I really hope we see construction get well underway on Resorts World, and we get something definitive on the New Frontier site.

    Enjoyed Dr. Dave’s analogy of Sam’s restricted license to Dave’s approach to students. Whatever happens, Sam is responsible.

    Finally, Chuck’s sure bet, “What stays in Vegas” sounds fascinating. The author, Adam Tanner, has an interesting background:

  3. The EB-5 Visa program has really helped finance some of these casinos currently being built and already opened in Las Vegas (the minimum investment is $500,000 dollars) and considering that China’s poplulation in 2013 was 1.357 billion people this program is going to last a long, long time. But the United States government has a cap on the number of EB-5 Visas per year which is 10,000.

    If these casinos are profitable sometime in the near future do these EB-5 Visa investors get some of their money returned to them?

    Great show guys. Happy New Year.

  4. Great podcast, and what a bargain – a December two for one.

    While 2015 will be a transition year, the thought of √Član across the street from Wynn, Resorts World, etc gets me very excited for the future. A time machine to 2017 would be great.

    I have two questions:
    I heard of major renovations at Red Rock – any idea what that consists of?

    Also, I’d live to hear your thoughts on the continuing of the casino mess in Massachusetts – Specifically
    1) is the $500 hand pay law still in effect?
    2) why isn’t Mohegan Sun given any respect in terms of expansion?
    3) is the experiment of bankroll limits in the new Mass casinos going to work against them?
    4) your thoughts on the law that kept in Massachusetts concerning no ATMs on the casino floor – some are insisting no ATMS not in casinos at all.

    Thanks guys, can’t wait for January’s podcast. Welcome back Chuck. I hope to plan better to make next year’s VIMFP – never to early to plan.

    Binbin (Robin Aubin )
    NETime Gambling

  5. The Theme Music is Back! Yay!

    To agree with detroit1051, Chuck has really kept us up on the Caesars shenanigans. Music, web design, corrupt capitalism…. Chuck is a true Renaissance man. Reminiscent of the late Don Crabb.

    The eb-5 thing is just weird to me. Rich foreigners of who knows what character buying their way into the country, while necessary and hard working folks die in the desert just trying to get here. We once thought condos were a valid way to finance these megaprojects. Or at least, certain “mathematical genius” types thought so. I just heard low-down mortgages for first-time homebuyers are back now. Lessons unlearned.

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