Vegas Gang #120 – April 17th, 2015

This time on the show:

– Steve vs. Elaine, part 32
– Derek Stevens is a genius
– MGM REIT shareholder gripes
– Resorts World is resorting
– Revel is not reveling
– Sam is SLSing
– Harry Reid to retire
– Bizarre shops
– Road to Mandalay

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Hunter – Apple (s)Watch

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3 thoughts on “Vegas Gang #120 – April 17th, 2015

  1. loved your podcast, as usual. But especially all the bru-ha-ha about the Wynns. My question for you, since my blog covers New England casinos, is do you think the Massachusetts AG and the Mass Gambling Commission are completely unaware of this battle between the Wynns, (I mean, really, how could you be?) thinking they can keep Steve in check, or are they just putting their head in the sand for the money he will be supposedly be bringing to Massachusetts?

    Returning to VIMFP this year. I hope to introduce myself. My only regret about your podcast is that it’s only once a month. Always great stuff.

    Thanks, guys.
    Robin Aubin

  2. Instead of the Grand Bazaar Shops in front of Bally’s I think the Polercoaster would have looked great at that location. The Polercoaster is the vertical roller coaster that was originally going to be built at the Tropicana but that never happened. The FAA would have to approve the Polercoaster which would cost around $100 million dollars to build. They would need some land on or near the Strip to build the Polercoaster so maybe Caesars Entertainment could the Polercoaster back near the High Roller.

  3. Sorry I need to edit my last sentence for clarity:
    They would need some land on or near the Strip to build the Polercoaster so maybe Caesars Entertainment could put the Polercoaster back near the High Roller.

    What Sam Nazarian needs down near SLS is more foot traffic and with the $2.3 billion dollar Las Vegas Global Business District being announced to replace the Riviera this might eventually help. Now assuming the Las Vegas Global Business District is no more than 250 to 300 feet high maybe Carl Icahn would consider removing 200 to 300 feet of the
    Fontainebleau so he can try and sell the property that way. At around 500 feet high the Fontainebleau would look much better than at it does now at its current height of around 730 feet.
    It would cost Carl Icahn millions of dollars to do this but it would definitely make Fontainebleau more enticing so someone might buy it.

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