Vegas Gang #113 – September 18th, 2014

REMINDER: VIMFP 2014 is October 18th, 2014!

Our guest at VIMFP will be architect Paul Steelman.

This time on the show:

– SLS Trip Report
– Macau Slowdown
– Revel Closes
– MGM Returns to AC
– Caesars Debt Makes the News
– Wynning in Boston

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4 thoughts on “Vegas Gang #113 – September 18th, 2014

  1. Long time listener to the podcast. Love the show. Like everyone, I miss Jeff (especially his reviews of the parking situations at the Strip properties – makes me smile). I am so glad that you all did the special podcasts to highlight the lifetimes and careers of the podcast hosts. Those shows really added so much in your listeners’ understanding of what lights your fire about Las Vegas. I am thankful that I got to hear Jeff’s story back then.

    Now, I miss Chuck. Especially, his commentary on all things related to casino design. It is always very insightful.

    But I have to say that listening to John A. Hall’s review of his recent stay at SLS was great. I walked through the property the week after they opened (it was during the early afternoon) and it was pretty quiet as I would expect. I missed checking it out at night time, so I didn’t get a great sense of the property’s energy. Loved hearing John’s comments and might head back to check it out in more detail the next time that we are in town.

    John obviously did a lot of prep in advance of the podcast and I enjoyed listening. I have read John’s reviews on Vegas Tripping in the past – and while he is an excellent writer, he is also great as a podcast guest host. I would love to hear more.

    Hunter and Dave – you guys are the best. John – you are right there with them!

    Here’s hoping that Chuck is enjoying his well deserved time away…

  2. Great show. John A hall is wise beyond his years. First time I have listened with a checklist watching for cupcake and sugar comments.
    I believe that Steve Wynn will merely tweet his Boston, Everett, property. He will probably reduce the vertical thrust and make it more horizontal, but I don’t expect any major changes.
    I haven’t heard the memorial trashcan story before, but Bartolotta is the only restaurant I have been disappointed In at Wynn Las Vegas.

  3. I want to second Arizona Al’s comments. John was great on the podcast. I really like the energy that having a rotating smorgasbord of guest co-host brings to the podcast. I guess it probably also takes some of the pressure off the other hosts to prepare content. If Chuck ever returns from his road trip through the Gobi desert, keeping the ‘guest co-host’ idea going might be cool.

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