Thanks, Gang!

This post formalizes what I think everyone has known for awhile – the Vegas Gang Podcast is no more. Long time coming, the show came to a natural end awhile ago.

I’ll be leaving the site up because there are some good interviews in the back-catalog but there won’t be any new episodes.

Thanks to my co-hosts, Dr. Dave Schwartz, Chuckmonster and the dearly departed Jeff Simpson. We had fun – lots of laughs, some intense discussion and lots of parking commentary.


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Gang!

  1. Thanks for the fun times, Hunter!

    This show, along with your blog, were the beginnings of my Vegas fandom. While I’d hoped you might still crank out an annual VIMPF episode, I understand the desire to move on.

    There were indeed some great interviews with industry bigwigs, and I especially liked the “Meet the Gangsters” episodes where you interviewed each of your cohosts (and were yourself interviewed by Mr. Five Hundy). It was great to hear each of your backstories. In particular, your fortunately timed interview of Jeff Simpson will be required listening for anyone writing his biography some day.

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